Papel Picados for the Holidays

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re obsessed with papel picado. These hand-cut Mexican banners are wonderful for Fiesta celebrations, but we love them so much we make sure to incorporate them into every holiday. We have each design custom made in Mexico, so we’re always dreaming up new ideas for different occasions. And if we may say so ourselves, the Christmas picado banners are pretty spectacular.

The metallic versions of our papel picado are all fantastic, but we think this finish is especially perfect for Christmas. It’s a great way to add a little extra shimmer and cheer to your festivities. We love hanging these banners up for a great party decoration, or just stringing them up to decorate your house during the holidays. Your guests and neighbors will love this unexpected touch.

If you want to go even more unique, you can’t go wrong with our Feliz Navidad picado. After all, papel picado is a classic Mexican tradition, so it makes sense to wish everyone a merry Christmas in Spanish. Especially here in south Texas, we love adding these banners to our more traditional Christmas decorations.

No matter what you’re decorating for the holiday season, our seasonal papel picado is a must-have. Switch up your decor a bit this Christmas!


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