Breast Cancer Awareness

Whenever we reminisce about the month of October, the first things that come to mind are spooks, scares, and sweets. However, more and more people around the country are discovering that October has more to offer than pumpkin spice lattes. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a national spectacle that lasts throughout the month of October, encouraging awareness of the disease to provide the funds and education for women and men alike in hopes of reducing their risk of cancer. We at Amols’ understand the importance of this cause, and we’ve got great new products for you and your devotees to help show your support.

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or marathon, we’ve got you covered. Create a wonderful and ultra-pink booth with our collection of Pink Ribbon decorations. We definitely recommend that our Pink Ribbon Banner be a part of your booth. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, you can drape this cute banner across your booth for a festive and easy look. Go that extra mile for fabulous by including these always stylish Pink Ribbon Tissue Fan Bursts, and don’t forget to stock up on Pink Ribbon Pins! With the way you’ll be decorating your space, you’ll need plenty to satisfy a crowd.

We think one of the best ways to show your pride for something this important is by dressing for success. So now that your event space is sporting that famous pink, it’s your turn! We offer fantastic accessories like Breast Cancer Awareness Buttons and Pink Ribbon Lanyards perfect for displaying your support. At the end of the day, thank those who donated and other fellow supporters by handing out fun Breast Cancer Awareness favors. Our favorites include Breast Cancer Rubber Bracelets and kid-friendly Pink Ribbon Jewel Tattoos. Wrap in pink tissue paper or tie with pink curling ribbon for the final touch.

With October already upon us, we hope these decorating tips will help you put together the perfect pink ribbon inspired event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Share the love – tag us in your event photos on Instagram with @amolsfiesta!


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