Planning a “Spooktacular” Celebration


Party Planning with Amols’.

The greatest part about planning a party is how you make it look! With Halloween right around the corner and Dia De Los Muertos close behind, now is a perfect time to plan a fun time for family and friends. Here are a few tips on expressing your inner designer in an affordable but adorable way this year with Amols’!


Our Simple Party Planning Check List:

  • Dates & Invites.
  • Choose your theme.
  • Pick your décor.
  • Plan for food and drinks .
  • Have Games to add some fun.
  • Pass out party favors!


Get your display ready!


The best thing when it comes to a table with food and drink or kids supplies is to keep it SIMPLE. Tables do have space for plenty of items and of course you can get really crafty with how you would like to decorate. But, if you want to keep it simple, a centerpiece with a few items will keep your party functioning fluidly by avoiding lack of space due to decorations. Your guests at some point or another, will want to set things down; which would be difficult with a table crammed with decorations.


Add a flare!

Dia De los Muertos

Hanging lights throughout the house or party area is an excellent way to light up the place with a softer light and a more festive atmosphere. The colored purple lights that you can purchase at Target or Walmart, can add an eerie glow to any decoration or table setting as well.



Bring the food but have plates!

What makes a great party besides good music is good food! Be sure you’re prepared with table ware appropriate to your food choices as well as your decorations choices!

Orange Cups                  Table Cover

Purple Napkins                   Plates                    Green Cups

Halloween Napkins
Assorted Table Cloth Covers
  Skull Plates ON SALE

Spider Race Fun!

spider races

Use these awesome Jack-O-Lantern straws and the plastic spiders that come in the spider web bag to have spider races!.A sure way to have some fun with the Kids and maybe, the adults too!

 halloween strawspurple spider webs

ON SALE   Jack-O-Lantern Straws          Purple Giant Spider Web

View more of our products for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos by selecting or view a few below!


 Halloween Tissue Fan $2.89
Jumbo Lawn Spider $3.98
 Halloween Picado $4.49-$5.39


  Spider Table Cover $3.89 
     Pumpkin Pal Picks $1.95 for 8
 Halloween Plates $1.69-$3.95

Spider Rings $2.79

 Witch Hat Ring Game $6.98

  Zombie Popcorn Bags $5.95


Giant Spider Web $2.46

Tombstone Cutouts $3.99

Fabric Ghosts $8.65 per pkg


Day of the Dead Garland $4.88
   Day of the Dead Swirls $13.59
   Day of the Dead Yard Sign $3.59
   DOD Stick Masks $3.95
Glow in the Dark! Day of the Dead Tattoos $3.99
Day of the Dead Metal Pail $1.35
      Rainbow Tissue Balls $8.95
Day of the Dead Catrina Centerpiece $3.29
         Day of the Dead Door Cover $4.75 ea.
Sugar Skulls Wine Glasses $13.75 per pkg.
  Day of the Dead Tableware
Day of the Dead Picks $2.99

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